Sustec1Silencers give us two big advantages when it comes to shooting. It absorbs recoil and it dampens the explosion noise caused by the explosion of the cartridge. The baffles has the same basic function when it comes to recoil reduction similar to a Muzzle Break. The gasses impact the baffle surfaces pushing the firearm forward thus reducing recoil. Depending on design the reduction can be between 20 and 30 % which is a lot considering the recoil of some calibers. However the main purpose of the silencer is to reduce the sound effect of the explosion. 

Hollywood tells us that all silencers reduce the sound effect by 90% regardless of the caliber used. Most of us know this is not the fact unless you are using sub-sonic ammunition. When using super-sonic ammunition the explosion we hear comes from two sources, the explosion and the bullet breaking the sound barrier called the sonic boom. When a bullet is fired in your direction, depending on how far you are from the bullet, you will hear two very distinctive sounds. The first will be the sonic boom when the bullet passes you and the second will be the explosion. The explanation for the time difference is that the Sonic boon sound travels with the bullet and the sound is heard directly from the passing bullet. The sound of the explosion travels at the speed of sound from the rifle and will be heard momentarily later. When fired trough a silencer only the sonic boom can be heard and because you can only hear it from when the bullet passes you, you cannot hear from which direction the bullet came from, because the sound from the explosion is silenced. When a bullet is fired at a sub sonic velocity nothing will be heard.

When measuring the sound reduction at the rifle it will measure both sound simultaneously and normal a goon silencer will give an approximate noise reduction of 30 to 35%. There were several sub-sonic calibers developed to be very effective with silencers, but they are not all practical for normal hunting conditions. One small disadvantage of the silencer is that your rifle will not shoot at the same point of impact with the silencer on and off.

There are a lot of silencers available today and like verything else some are good and some are bad. The important factor is to find one to suit your needs that is as light and small as possible. we can fit and source any silencer you prefer but we stock three manufacturers which has very destive desing features.

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 Sustec Silencers:

Sustec use Stainless steel, Aircraft Aluminium and Titanium to produce their wide range of silencers. The offer a very competitive Aluminium core silencer which is light weight and very suitable for normal hunting. The Stainless Steel models are more hard wearing and the titanium is hard wearing and light weight. They also offer models with an additional muzzle break added in front for additional shooting comfort.

Image shows the normal Sustec Silencer available in Aluminium, Stainless steel and Titanium:


Image shows the model BR which has the additional muzzle break:


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Arctic Silencers:

The Arctic has a very simple but effective design. One advantage of this silencer is that it fits partly over the barrel called a reflex silencer. This feature brings the weight closer to the shooter which makes it feel a bit lighter. the second design feature is the removeable baffles as can be seen in the picture. Now you can make your silencer even smaller, but you will lose some of the effectiveness.

Image shows the Arctic silencer's removeable baffles


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Waldz Silencers:

Waldz silencers focus more on the target shooting sports for which they added cooling fins. Silencers can get extremely hot which can cause extreme heat waves looking through your telescope. These fins will cool faster than the normal silencers and is ideal when more shots a fired repeatedly. They offer a standard screw on and a quick detachable models.

Image shows the quick cooling outer tube and the solid aluminium core


Image shows the Waldz Detachable model, when detached it exposes a muzzle break attached to the barrel.


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