SABI LogoMAGNUM ARMS has been building Custom Rifles since the early 80,s. We have been using the Mauser K98 and other actions since the early days of production.  In 1990 the SABI CUSTOM RIFLE concept took shape and soon after we were producing standard guns in many calibers. Soon after we started experimenting on our stock profiles and dimensions which led to our custom rifle measurement chart. 

Because of a shortage in production rifles in the bigger calibers, we soon became specialists in building these big bore caliber rifles. We developed several magazine modifications to the existing bolt actions available, improving on feeding and reliability. Improvements like these also led to the development of out Magnum magazine box to fit the Mauser action and now we could fit up to 5 rounds in a standard magazine up to caliber 458 Lott. Not long after we started production of our first 500 Jeffery rifles which are known for feeding reliability and shooting comfort. For us the focus was to produce well balanced rifles to fit the shooter at the correct weight to make our big bore rifles a pleasure to shoot with. 

Quite recently it became evident that the Mauser Actions are not available in the abundance that the were in the past, especially not at fair prices. This situation forced us to develop our own bolt action. To us it was important that the action should be designed to feed the round under control from the magazine, just like all the K98 Mauser actions. It was equally important the design the action to have the reliable feeding we achieved with our magazine conversions over the years. All this was realised and is now built on our CNC Lathe and Milling capabilities. The design was kept simple and so the cost as well. Across the spectrum of calibers we currently offer our Bolt Action comes with 4 different bolt sizes and 13 different Magazine dimensions. It sounds like a lot but it was essential to maintain the reliability of our rifles.

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The following galleries are some samples of rifles we built. more samples can be seen on our gallery page.

The original SABI Classic Action fiited with octagonal barrel in caliber 338 SABI:

SABIo 338S Classic

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 Single shot Ruger no1 Action 375 H&H Magnum in original classic style:

Rebuild Farquharson 375

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 Typical SABI Style 375 H&H Magnum stocked with Monte Carlo Roll Over:


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