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Rear Sight AdjWe offer a wide variety of sights for different types of conditions. For the older hunters we normally fit the Fibre Optic sights which are a lot more visible for quick target acquisition especially in dense bush and low light conditions. We also make numerous kinds of custom peep sights when needed by our customers.


 On this page you will find the following sights:


Front Sight Beads: 

As seen from the left, Standard long dovetail Pearl bead, Flip up enamel bead 2,5mm and 4mm, Optic fiber 2,5 mm and 4 mm beads. Please keep in mind that the fiber- optic beads is less robust.




Front Sight Ramps:

 Standard bases medium to small caliber barrels 


Standard base for big bore caliber barrels 



Barrel Band bases for medium to small caliber barrels:



Barrel Band base for big bore caliber barrels:



Masterpiece base:



Holland & Holland style front sight base:





A single blade, Solid or cut to a Window sight, 1,2 and 3 Leaf rear sights can be fitted to a the applicable Standard Ramp or a Quarter Rib. The shape of the blade can be shaped to your choice with a silver line added for improved sighting. The adjustable rear sights available can only be fitted to it's original base. The following pictures are samples of what we offer:

Single blade sight fitted on the standard base:


2 leaf sight fitted to the standard base:


Magnum Adjustable rear sight only available on the standard base: 


Shown below is a 3 leaf sight fitted to the Quarter Rib: