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ScopeRingsAs Custom Rifle Makers we understand the importance of a proper fitting rifle and how it can improve your accuracy. The two big factors is the quality of the equipment and the quality of craftsmanship of the gunsmith who fits it. We have built Rings and Bases for almost any kind of rifle or scope ranging from handguns, carbines, bolt action rifles and double rifles. We cover the following topics:

 Standard Mounts:

We offer most available brands of scope mounts available on the market. We stock brands Leupold, Thor, and Lynx mounts.

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We are the main importer of the Eramatic brand produced by Recknagel Feintechnik in Germany. They manufacture Detachable Scope Mounts systems of extreme high quality which can be fitted to almost any make of bolt action or multiple barrel rifles. They are especially useful when fitting telescopes to Big Bore and Ultra Big Bore rifles. The detachable system is guaranteed to be accurate when a scope is removed and again placed back on a rifle. Recknagel also produces a range of Tactical mounting solutions for the sport shooting market.

Please visit our Recknagel page for more information.

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 Following are some samples of differnt Recknagel Scope Mount configurations.

Detachable Swing-off Mounts:



Bell Mounted Detachable Swing-off Mount with front base imbedded in Quarter Rib:



Mauser Square Bridge with dovetailed Front Base cut into bridge:


SABI Square Bridge with pivot base inserted:



Scope & Mounting:

We have a proven measurement chart to ensure that your rifle stock is the correct length for your build and we always make sure that the scope is positioned correctly for the eye relief of your scope. Firearm types for which we have fitted scopes include Bolt Action rifles, Single Shot Break Neck and Falling Block rifles, Double Rifles, Handguns, Shotguns and Carbines. We stock various makes of Scope Mounts to help us make sure your scope is securely attached to your rifle according to the caliber and application of your firearm. We lap mounts where necessary and all screws are set to the correct tightness with a torque wrench. 


Red Dot Systems:

These sight types have no magnification and eye relief plays no role in fitting them. They are mostly used in short range quick shooting applications. The advantage is that your sight picture is acquired much quicker than with a scope and the equipment is normally much smaller than any scope. a typical application is a double rifle for which we manufacture various mounting solutions.

Image: Aimpoint H1 Mount for Krieghoff Classic


Some of the brands that manufacture red dot systems is as follows:

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Custom Scope Mounts:

We manufacture custom made scope mounts on a weekly basis for various applications. There are many firearms for which there are not specific mounts locally available and then we design and manufacture custom scope mounts.

Image: 40mm Scope rings made for Swarovski DS Scope to fit Blaser R93.



Piccatini Rails: 

With the growing Sport Shooting disciplines we fit more and more Piccatini Rails with different MOA elevations. The highest elevated rail we did was 120 MOA required to shoot up to 3,2km. Contact us if you need help with your rifle setup.