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 We import Lothar Walther Barrels in blank or semi blank profiles and we profile them here according to your request, but we can also source any barrel available locally.


 As Import agents for WALTHER barrels, we offer the barrels in 3 basic lengths, 26" and 28" Chrome Moly or 32" Stainless. All calibers smaller than 375 caliber will only be available in Match Grade. We import them in heavy profiles and with our CNC capability we can cut them to any profile you require. We have been using Walther barrels in SABI rifles since 1989 and never had to replace a Walther barrel because of poor performance.  Their button drawn barrels are of the most accurate barrels available last very long. We will import any of the Walther barrels in calibers and profiles as listed on their website, please enquire for prices and delivery times.

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We Machine Octagonal and Semi-octagonal barrels from Walther barrel blanks in a profile that would suit your choice of calibre. The machine time we charge to cut the barrels are less than half the cost  of the imported octagonal barrels. With our modern design tools an machinery these barrel profiles are designed to match the weight and balance of our round SABI Barrel Profiles suitable in weight for every caliber. The octagonal sides are cut concave to prevent the front end of the barrel to be overweight. This ensures the desired balance the rifle should have, focussing the weight of the barrel to the rear.



Fluting can be cut on your barrel on request. The specifications will be determined by the thickness of the barrel profile. We can even bring your existing rifle to be fluted.


BARRELS IN STOCK:                                                                                                                                    

At MAGNUM ARMS we carry a large stock of  rifle barrels for popular calibres, in the SABI Rifle profiles as listed below. We designed the profiles for hunting rifles and the match profile for the sport shooter. We can also order special barrels listed from their vast calibre, profile and twist range in molly  and stainless steel as offered on their website.


FC 015

FC 016

FC 017

FC 018

FC 019

FC 020

FC Match



Sporter Profiles:

Profile 1100 1200 1300 1400 1450

Varmint Profiles: 

Profile 2100 2120

Profile 2140 2200

 Profile 2230 2260

 Profile 2300 2340

 Profile 2400 2500

Target Profiles:

Profile 3100 3150

 Profile 3170 3190

 Profile 3200 3250

 Profile 3300 3400

High Power Profiles:

Profile Match High Power

Palma Profiles:

Profile Match Palma 



We list the following recommended twist rates per caliber and the Twist Rates that is offered by Walther.

Barrel Twist List