Grip Caps

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GripCapPagePistol grip caps has the purpose of protecting your stock sensitive edges and it is a decorative addition to many custom rifles. We offer hardwood and metal grip caps which can be very nicely engraved. Most custom rifles are built for and according to a clients liking and the cap is often used to add some personalised engravings. We offer the following options:



Hardwood and Buffalo Horn Grip Cap:

We use African Hardwood for our fore-end Tips and Grip Caps. If you require a Buffalo Horn Grip Cap or Fore-end tip you must supply your own horn.  

Hardwood Grip Cap:


Metal Grip Caps

We fit various kind of metal grip caps. in the flat profile we manufacture our own in 3 different sizes.

Flat grip Cap:


Concave Grip Cap:


Insert Grip Caps

These are smaller grip caps that can be inserted into the wood and has the sole purpose of engraving surface. They are handy to inlet into existing stocks without the need for too much modifications to the existing stock. On our custom rifles it makes a very classy addition for an engraved rifle when we border the metal cap with Hardwood or Buffalo Horn.

Insert Grip Cap inletted in a hardwood grip cap:



 Trap Door Grip Caps

This is a classic choice typical for African Big Bore calibers where additional front sight beads could be stored in case needed on Safari.


Skeleton Grip Caps

The Skeleton Grip Cap required a steady gunsmith hand to be inletted perfectly. It serves as a classy decorative part of a beautiful rifle