Firearm Restoration

RefusbishCollectable firearms values is often calculated on the condition and originality of the firearm. Some firearms will lose value if they are refurbished but most will have lost there value due to wear and rust anyway. Our workshop refurbishes all kinds of firearms. The deciding factor is the condition of the firearm and if it is worth the effort to restore the firearm and the cost involved. Normally the personal heritage drives the restoration of firearms, and not firearm value.

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Gun Bluing:

Gun Bluing is a finish we get from a chemically controlled rust process. Originally it was done in a process we call rust bluing today. An acid formula is applied to the metal surface after which the rust process is accelerated is a sweat box and then after it is rusted completely red, the metal slowly turns gun metal blue when boiled in distilled water. By slowly we really mean slowly, which makes it a quite expensive process to do today. 

Today we have bluing salts available which is a much quicker process and cheaper to run. Unfortunately the chemical boils at 130 degreed celsius which is close to the melting point of mostly lead based solders used to fit sights and to join double barrel guns, and the PH of the chemical also quite aggressively dissolves lead. this will cause your sights and double barrels to separate while trying to apply this type of bluing. Sights are refitted by fitting screws but unfortunately your double barrel gun will be ruined.

The originality and value of the firearm will determine which process is used.

Read more on the different bluing finishes we offer:

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Stock Restoration:

Many of the firearms we restore arrives with cracks and missing pieces of wood which can all be restored and fixed. Checkering is re-cut to original patterns and mostly the owners cannot believe that it is the same gun they handed in for restoration.

Picture: Original Mauser in caliber 7x57 Mauser, Intermediate Double Square Bridge Octagonal barrel, Stock was completely rebuilt.

RV Mauser757

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Picture: Custom German Mauser Semi Octagonal Barrel in caliber 11.2 x 60. Stock was repaired, missing pieces inletted and checkering re-cut to original patterns.



Picture: Mauser with Octagonal Barrel in caliber 11,2 x 72. Stock was re-finished and checkered to original patterns



Picture: This is a Winchester 22 Long Pump Action that was rusted and pitted. It was restored to this beautiful condition.


Stock Finishes:

The traditional treatment for gunstocks was cooked oils that which was applied in various layers, left to dry and sanded between each layer. On sporting guns this process was repeated until the oil formed a dried out water repelling protective layer on the wood. This was quite a lengthy process as the oil took some time to dry. Activators were developed and today we can achieve the same result in a much shorter time. They used to say the correct application for layers was "Once a day for a week, once a week for a month and once a month for a year".

Moderns oil finishes:

Today we have commercial products which dry much quicker but it still takes at least a month to complete a proper oil finish. This makes it a slightly more expensive process but it is preferred by most hunters because it end up in a satin sheen finish which does not reflect light while out hunting. When the finish gets damage or shows wear you can easily maintain the stock yourself. Exhibition rifles require a high gloss finish to effectively show the definition and quality of your stock wood. to achieve a glossy oil finish is a lot of work and can easily also be achieved with a Varnish finish.


Many varnishes are available today and is a much more cost effective way to apply a waterproof finish to your gun stock. Unfortunately varnishes are rubbed to a gloss quite easily and on many Factory Rifles varnished are applied quite thick which looks like the stock is covered in a plastic layer. Gun enthusiasts often don't like this look and brings their stocks in to have it removed and replaced by an oil finish. The varnish we use is also sanded between each layer which prevents it to look like a plastic coating. This product is much more hard wearing than oil and is very practical for hard working guns.

Stock Rebuilds:

A good portion of our work we do is to make stock to replace damaged, cracked and broken stocks. Often this is done to restore the originality of old guns but most of the times broken stock are replaced with more modern custom stocks more practical for the purpose of the gun.

We made our own stock copy machine which does the inletting of the metal parts, and the profiling of the stock in two different stages. This gives us the ability to make stocks in various profiles for any make of rifle. Now you can select your favoured stock style and replace all your current rifle stocks in the same style.

Please refer to our STOCK PROFILES page for more information.

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CZ 375 H&H Mag Full Stock:

RB CZ 375HH Full Stock

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Mauser 300 Win Mag Classic:

RB Mauser 300 1

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Mauser 308 Win Target:

RB Mauser Target

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P14 303 British Monte Carlo:

RB P14 303

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Remington Rolling Block 45-70 Govt:

RB RemRB 45 70

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Sako 375 H&H Mag Monte Carlo #1:

RB SAKO 375 1

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Sako 375 H&H Mag Monte Carlo #2:

RB Sako 375HH 2

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Weatherby 500 Jeffery Classic:

RB Weatherby 500

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Winchester 458 Lott Classic:

RB Win 458 1

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Often classic rifles arrive in a good condition, but the barrel is simply shot our and not accurate any more. We have the machining ability to copy any barrel profile, is it rounded, octagonal or semi-octagonal. The original  sights can be re-fitted to such perfection that it would not be visible that the barrel was replaced. If an octagonal barrel is replaced even the patterning on the rib can be re-done to look like the original. 

Please refer to our RIFLE BARRELS page for more information.