Firearm Service

firearm serviceWe service most makes of Rifles, Shotguns Handguns and Carbines. It varies from General cleaning of your firearm to full restoration of old and damaged firearms. The following is a list of the basic services we offer.

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Field Strip Service:

We will field strip the firearm and do a quick clean of the interior parts and barrel. Fine rust will be removed and the firearm will be oiled. The cost of the service varies according to firearm type and model. 

Full Service:

With this service all parts are fully disassembled and individually cleaned. On rifles, shotguns and carbines the stocks will be cleaned, wooden stocks will get one coat of oil. The cost also varies according to firearm type and model.

Service Certificate:

As qualified and registered gunsmiths we service inspect and certify the functionality and safety of your official firearms. Each firearm is properly cleaned and inspected for any defects or flaws that need to be repaired. In our report we certify each functional aspect of your firearm. Problem parts repaired or not repaired, by will of the responsible person, will be stated in our Service Report.